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The official box art for Avatar Laser Wars II

Welcome to the Avatar Wiki Wars II Wiki!Edit

Avatar Wiki Wars II Wiki is the Wiki brought to life by Wikia for all things Avatar Laser Wars II. Here you will find information on top-ranked Users, weapon information, the leaderboard for the game as well as a variety of other in-depth articles related to the popular Xbox Indie game. 

Because of the lack of players and traffic, the wiki will become dormant until June. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the administrator at with the subject "Avatar Wiki Wars".

Avatar Laser Wars 2 Official Trailer

Avatar Laser Wars 2 Official Trailer

Not Sure Where to Start Looking?Edit

  • Compare your weapon setup and playing style to that of other high-ranking players by visiting any of the User pages!
  • Check out the Leaderboard, which is updated every week with the latest scores, as well as past ranked Users!
  • Find out what each weapon does, as well as the different types of destructive gear that you can equip yourself with in-game!
  • Explore the Records page to find out which players hold the highest Records among the other players!
  • Browse through over twenty Wiki Achievements, called Performance Marks, and find out which ones that you are qualified to receive!

What Can I Do On This Wiki?Edit

  • Contact the administrator to have a User page created for your Avatar! Post pictures of your in-game feats to the website and receive a variety of Marks and Records to decorate your page!
  • Help Contribute by creating missing articles on the Wiki, or if you prefer a smaller challenge, edit out errors in Articles. The more a registered User contributes on the WIki, the more achievements they earn on their Editor Profile!
  • Join the Forums! AustinHMiller has posted under several topics: get in on the latest scoop about the Wiki. You can also post your own topics, and top-tier players can answer your questions, whether they deal with strategy or setup!
  • Chat with online Users! Get a game going with any of the available people online, and see who wins in a one-on-one deathmatch!

Current EventsEdit

Summer Friendly

The Summer Friendly is finally over and results have been published! The rankings for the competition will be archived and our winner and runner-up will receive a special badge on their User page! Congratulations! 

Final RankingsEdit

Rank Gamertag Score
1 Suztang 574,730
2 RoyMustache94 275,810
3 FISHYFINGERS10 142,355
4 AJxVictimizer 69,390
5 Achilles025 58,155
6 Admin of Aces 16,640
7 UndutifulTiger1 12,910
8 kidsrulz 6,905

Coming Soon!Edit

  • Performance Mark 'Badges' will be uploaded and pasted on User profiles, to signify their accomplshments alongside their stats!
  • Updated and improved Record Symbols that add a little more flair to your User page!
  • A better Record visual for either the homepage or the Records page!

Current RankingsEdit

Rank Name Score
1 SlenderMan cx 9,697,179
2 RoyMustache94 7,579,870
3 AJxVictimizer 5,873,080
4 Suztang 4,544,670
5 Admin of Aces 3,624,030
6 JoKr Souljahh 3,061,180
7 Achilles025 2,128,595
8 FISHYFINGERS10 1,842,270
9 TINYTIM504 1,470,385
10 oTheFool 1,341,175
11 FISHY FINGERS20 1,226,075
12 UndutifulTiger1 1,099,225
13 WateriestFlea93 1,086,735
14 world beast1 1,061,320
15 Unlucky13 1996 1,048,075
16 ZooKeeper1146 1,002,870

Special ThanksEdit

  • Buy the game for yourself! Just a buck!
  • Check out the great creators ! 
  • Check 'em out on Facebook !
  • Send a Tweet their way!

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